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Inner Chaos - Mystery Crystal Candle

Inner Chaos - Mystery Crystal Candle

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Behold, Inner Chaos, a candle designed to awaken your senses and stir your soul. With a dark blue wax and black skulls on top hinting at what is to come on the inside. As you light the wick you unleash the aroma that fills the air with a potent blend of cloves, cherry, cinnamon, and cedarwood with undertones of vanilla. A spicy blend of the world beyond. It is like a dark enchantment that lures you into a realm of shadows and secrets. 

But beware, for with the beauty of Inner Chaos comes a sense of danger and uncertainty. Like a storm brewing on the horizon the candles intensity hints at the chaos and turmoil that lies within us all. It is a reminder that sometimes we embrace that darkness to find the light.

So light this candle and let the scent of Inner chaos guide you on a journey of self discovery and transformation where the lines between light and dark blur and anything is possible. 

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